Aug 24 2017

Review for The Truth We Bury by Barbara Taylor Sissel

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Review for The Truth We Bury by Barbara Taylor SisselThe Truth We Bury: A Novel by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Published by Lake Union Publishing on January 1st 1970
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 306
Format: Kindle
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On the outside, Lily Isley’s life seems perfect: a wealthy husband, a ritzy gated community in Dallas, and a handsome son, AJ—a decorated marine about to be married to his love, Shea. But when a bridesmaid is murdered in AJ’s apartment and he can’t be found, Lily’s world collapses and a long-held family secret is at risk of exposure.

Dru Gallagher’s life took a different course. After her ex-husband, suffering from post-traumatic stress, threatened her and her daughter, Shea, with a shotgun, Dru was forced to leave her marriage and forge ahead as a working-class single mom. Now, the anger she sees in war veteran AJ’s eyes is heartbreakingly familiar—and makes Dru deeply afraid for her daughter’s safety…especially after Shea’s best friend and maid of honor is found dead.

With a killer on the loose and time running out, Lily and Dru, two very different women, unite in a single goal: to save their precious children from scandal, even from death. But will the mothers’ protection be enough, or will the fateful secret they expose—and the truth it reveals—destroy every hope of love?





I randomly pick books from Kindle Unlimited, and The Truth We Bury sounded pretty good, and books with a mystery in them are always something I will give a try. It didn’t disappoint either, it has plenty of family secrets and murder and a mystery that I enjoyed trying to figure out.

Shea and AJ’s wedding is coming up soon, and they are happy and looking forward to it, but when a murder is committed and AJ is soon goes missing, secrets begin to surface.

The dual POV’s worked so well with giving us the reader such a great view into the lives of Lily and Dru and their families and their histories. There are no perfect characters, they are flawed, and each family has their own struggles and issues. They are very different, and have lived different lives. And now these two families have been thrown together because of the upcoming wedding between their children but they have to work together to find out what is happening. Lily (AJ’s Mother) wants to believe that her son is innocent of murdering Shea’s bridesmaid. Dru (Shea’s Mother) only wants to protect her from everything going on.

Sissel did an amazing job weaving twists and turns, murders and family secrets all together. Another thing that I thought was done very well, was the handling of PTSD and the way it affects the person an their loved ones. I haven’t had to deal with this in our family, so it was emotional at times, but it definitely brought the illness to my attention a lot more. The pacing was slow, which I believe was to to its benefit, there was a lot going on and the pacing gave the time for everything to fall into place.

All in all, this was a great read for me, and I do think that if you are a fan of family dynamics, drama and suspenseful reads, you will enjoy it too.



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19 Responses to “Review for The Truth We Bury by Barbara Taylor Sissel”

  1. verushka

    I like the focus on the two women here and them driving the story. I think this would be such a compelling pair to read about.

  2. RO

    I enjoy this type of story, and like you and always drawn to a good mystery, and strong women. Hugs…RO

  3. RO

    I really enjoy these type of books, particularly with mystery and strong women. Thanks for the great review! Hugs…

  4. RO

    This sounds like a really good storyline with lots of mystery, and wo strong women make it even better. Great review! Hugs…RO

  5. Lover Of Romance

    oh I gotta grab this one up, because I love a good murder mystery. They always challenge my mind in the best ways. Its probably why I devoured Nancy Drew as a girl.

  6. Heidi

    Its so refreshing when you pick up a book at random and get an excellent read. THis one sounds really good with the twists and turns and mystery.

  7. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Wow, this sounds like an excellent mystery/suspense. I like the aspect of both mothers being the focus and working together. That definitely adds a different dynamic. Great review, Jenea!

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