Sep 05 2017

Mini Reviews for Stars in Their Eyes by Pema Donyo & Goodbye, Good Girl by Renee Blossom

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Stars in Their Eyes
by Pema Donyo
Expected Publication date: September 18th 2017
By: Crimson Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 144

Genre: New Adult, Historical, Romance
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This beautifully sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts in the roaring twenties will captivate fans who loved the romance of the Oscar-winning film La La Land and Paula McLain’s bestselling novel The Paris Wife.
The bohemian salons and wild cabarets of 1920s Paris are just the place for Owen Matthews to pursue his writing and make the right connections in the literary scene. But six years after leaving Los Angeles and the love of his life, he still strives for success. Penning a new screenplay for his friend’s film might just help keep the lights on a bit longer in the City of Lights.
Iris Wong is used to sacrifice and rejection as an Asian-American actress. She’s determined to take full advantage of her new leading role in a Parisian silent film—and the director’s romantic interest in her. Playing the game almost guarantees she’ll be able to break through the industry’s racism and become the silver screen star she’s dreamed of being since she earned her first nickel as a Hollywood extra.
When these two star-crossed lovers unexpectedly reunite, they get a second chance to reconcile their hearts’ desires with their dreams of fame and fortune.
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors




Stars in their Eyes in a short and sweet read. The roaring 20’s and Hollywood makes for a intriguing setting, not to mention we also get to Iris and Owen to Paris. It touches on how racisim played a role in casting in movies during this time as well as romantic relationships. I would love to have learned more about these events during this time, but this is a mere 144 pages long. It did paint a pretty vivid picture how Asian American actresses struggled in show business as well as how they were accepted else where as well.

The romance between Owen and Iris is slow burning, with sweet kissed and fade to black to scenes that expanded over the years. They hadn’t seen each in so long but all the passion and love was still there . There is a small love triangle and I am not normally a fan, but I think in this it worked well. It was more about Iris listening to her heart. There was a lot wrapped up into this little story, and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I certainly wish it could have much longer, but I will be on the lookout for more works from Pema Donyo.










Goodbye, Good Girl
by Renee Blossum
Expected Publication date: October 3rd 2017
By: Rovolve
Format: Kindle
Pages: 316

Genre: New Adult, Historical, Romance
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When eighteen year old Kandace Santellan is ditched in St. Louis by her boyfriend on a cross country trip to reach her estranged father, she finds herself trapped––she can’t go home and she doesn’t have enough money to reach Los Angeles. She then meets April, an ambitious exotic dancer with attitude, who has a one thousand dollar wager––that Kandace can make the money she desperately needs dancing at the gentleman’s club The Palace in just one night. Rumored as an adult playground of fast money and faster pills, it’s a place where fantasy is king and problems are forgotten. Anything can happen.
But can Kandace strip her clothes for money, even if it is her only way to repair her broken family?
Feeling like time is running out, and out of options, she gets curious…thinking that after one wild night dancing, she would be on her way to LA. And her friends and family would never need to know. Could she make it work? Or will the club’s fantasy lifestyle take the good girl from Pittsburgh, and make her into someone she’s never met?



Goodbye, Good Girl sounded like it would be would coming of age type story and while it was, it turned out to be a little bit more of a story about strip clubs to me. Initially, Kandace was taking care of her sister and her Mom who had been in a terrible car accident. And the events occurred, and she went looking for because she believed he was in danger. I had to give her credit for that, I thought she was doing something good for her family. But she got all turned around and ended up meeting a girl who worked in a strip club who talked her into working there for some money to be able to get to where she believed her Dad was. And this is went down hill for me. I’m not really interested in the behind the scenes of a strip club, I really wanted to know if she was going to find her Dad and what was going to happen.
I did get my answers, but I just wish I would have been able to connect with Kandace more, but since most of time was spent with her coming and goings, and happenings within the strip club, my connection with that I had the beginning of the book faded. She redeemed herself in my eyes toward the end and the ending was a fitting one. Now, I see that I am in minority on the reviews, it seems lots of people seemed to enjoy it a lot. And all I can say is, this just wasn’t my kinda read and I had hopes it would have been. I think that fans of contemporary reads will like it.







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  1. Heidi

    The first book sounds really good. I love the roaring twenties and it is nice to get a different view. The second is one I will pass on. Thanks for the helpful reviews.

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