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Review for Half Past by Victoria Helen Stone

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Review for Half Past by Victoria Helen StoneHalf Past by Victoria Helen Stone
Published by Lake Union Publishing on January 1st 1970
Genres: Adult, Literary, Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 254
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At forty-five, Hannah Smith is at a crossroads. That’s her spin on it. The reality is she’s divorced, jobless, and moving back to her family home in Iowa to keep an eye on her mother, who’s slipping into dementia. Her return stirs up the same unnerving sense of disconnect Hannah has felt since childhood—always the odd girl out, the loner outshone by her two older sisters. Hannah knew the feelings of hurt would come back. But she never expected fear. Because when her mother looks into her eyes and whispers, “You’re not my daughter,” Hannah is beginning to believe it’s not just the rambling of a confused woman.

It’s the truth.

Now Hannah’s following the trail of a family mystery to the dark coast of Big Sur, where years ago a lie was born—and buried. As frightened as she is to unearth it, Hannah knows this is the last chance she has before her past—and all its terrible secrets—are lost forever.





Half Past is about a woman whose life has been turned upside down by 4 words spoken by her mother, “You’re not my daughter.” Hannah’s mother has been diagnosed with dementia and she has come home to help take care of her. While visiting one day, her mother says to her that she isn’t her daughter, and she just kinda plays it off on her dementia. But while she was going through some papers in the family home, she finds a paper that makes her question what her mother had said to her was the truth. And it was, she was blood related to the mother who had raised her. Her sisters have always thought of her as the wild child who couldn’t settle down, so when she announces she is leaving to get some answers, neither are surprised but one is supportive, and the other is upset.

Hannah was a strong woman, regardless what her sisters thought of her. She had dropped everything to come and help with her mother, and for that I applaud her, and then this happens. Hannah wants and needs the answers and her determination to find them was admirable. Hannah’s feelings of being the outsider with her sisters and her mothers words were clear, and I found easy to connect with Hannah. I felt so bad for her, even I wanted answers for her.

Hannah found some clues and begins her search, looking for people that might have known her the parents who raised her, or maybe even the the woman who gave birth to her. Hannah comes in contact with so many people along the way, that it is hard to pick and chose who to talk about. Some were trustworthy, and I have to say most were a little questionable. But she also met some pretty amazing people. There was a little bit of a romance while she was searching, it was sweet but that’s all I’m going to say about that. She was just hyper focused on finding the truth, her love life took a back seat. The build up to the big reveal was interesting and kept me hooked, and when I thought that was it, I was a little disappointed, but then I kept reading and there was more and I got all teary eyed. Great ending…

Stone takes us on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns that are filled with betrayals and dark family secrets that many wanted to stay buried, but it makes for such a fantastic read.



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  1. Heidi

    This sounds good. I like that is has a good mystery, some romance and a touching finale. I will have to consider this one if I get caught up!

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