Sep 26 2017

Review for The Look of Love (The Matchmaker of Edinburgh #1) by Julia Kelly

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Review for The Look of Love (The Matchmaker of Edinburgh #1) by Julia KellyThe Look of Love (The Matchmaker of Edinburgh #1) by Julia Kelly
Published by Pocket Star on October 9th 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance
Pages: 285
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Discover the first installment in the new delightfully charming Scottish romance series where the matchmaker of Edinburgh uses her uncanny abilities to create the perfect matches—even if the couples are doubtful they’ll ever find love.

An accomplished sculptor with secret ambitions, Ina Duncan has managed to avoid marriage for years until an accidental encounter at a party leaves her near ruin and in need of a husband. Fast. Determined to find a willing husband for Ina, Edinburgh’s most powerful matchmaker, Moira Sullivan, quickly realizes that the solution to Ina’s problem might be right in front of her.

Ina’s best friend, Gavin Barrett, has a secret no one knows: he’s loved her for years. As the second son of a baronet, however, he knows he has little chance with his brilliant, beautiful friend. All that changes when Moira convinces Ina to propose a marriage of convenience to Gavin to save her from ruin. Ina only wants two things from him in return: a vow she can continue to sculpt and a promise they’ll remain in Edinburgh.

After a rocky start, happiness—and maybe passion—seems on the horizon for the newlyweds until a twist of fate bestows the title of Sir Barrett on Gavin and forces him to assume responsibilities he’s never wanted. Forced to mold herself into the perfect baronet’s wife, Ina must choose between her dreams and the man she’s learning to love.





The Look of Love is a wonderful love story in the year 1875 set in the beautiful Edinburgh Scotland. Gavin has always been there for Ina, being her escort to society functions and other events, and she adores him for it. But as a friend of course. Ina and Gavin’s real story begins when Miss Ina find herself in a compromising position and is in need of a husband to maintain her reputation. And Gavin steps up to help her, they lay out ground rules. It will only be marriage for appearances, nothing more. But we all know, things never go according to plan when there are hidden feelings.

Ina is a strong and independent women for her time. She sculpt, and one day does want to be recognized for them, but women of this time should not being doing such things. She doesn’t care what other think of her, or what she does and that is what made her such an intriguing character. I have always liked the rebellious ones. Now Gavin, well, what can I say but he was such a sweetheart. And there was no doubt that his feelings were sincere for Ina. But his family on the other hand, they were just awful. It’s a wonder he turned out to be such a good man. I will say that they all played their parts, even if I want to smack some of them. Now Ina and Gavin, I found them to be absolutely delightful.

The story moves along quite nicely and at a good pace with plenty of banter between Ina and Gavin. It’s easy to see that these two have been best friends for a long time, but Gavin has been harboring feelings for Ina for years. He has never said a word, for fear of what it would do to their friendship. Now that they are married, miscommunication becomes the everyday thing, they withhold things from each other, causing problems and disagreements. And to make things even more complicated, he will have to decide what to do about his new found estate after his Fathers dies. I wanted to know what was going to happen with it all. Would Gavin stay with his family and take care of the estate? Would Ina go back home? So many many questions that I wanted answers for. There are so many ups and downs within their relationship, and times that were simply beautiful and I enjoyed it from start to finish. The ending was so worth the wait.

The Look of Love is one that fans of historical romances will devour, it full of sweet and sensual moments that will sweep up into their story. I am looking forward to the next installment to see where it take us next.





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  1. Heidi

    It sounds nice, but historical romances and I just don’t get along. IDK why, I have tried and tried but they just don’t work for me.

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