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Review for The Hummingbird Heart (Haunted Hearts Legacy #2) by A.G. Howard

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Review for The Hummingbird Heart (Haunted Hearts Legacy #2) by A.G. HowardThe Hummingbird Heart (Haunted Hearts Legacy, #2) by A.G. Howard
Published by Golden Orb Press on January 1st 1970
Genres: New Adult, Gothic, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 339
Format: Kindle
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Shortly after escaping a circus tragedy, young Italian orphan, Willow Antoniette, seeks refuge at The Manor of Diversions—a holiday resort in England born of a ghost story. For eleven years, she’s raised alongside the children of the resort’s owners: Julian, his twin brother, Nick, and their younger sister Emilia. Now that Willow is of marriable age, she's determined to escape finishing school along with everyone's efforts to make her a proper lady. The only man she wants to spend her life with is Julian, after all. Yet how can she tell him, when he thinks of her as nothing but a friend?

As a machinist and engineer, Julian Thornton prefers a governable life. He can't allow his ever-deepening attraction for Willow to distract from his amusement park plans to lure a younger, wealthier clientele to their family's resort. In hopes to escape Willow and find investors, Julian sets off on a transatlantic ocean liner headed for the St. Louis World’s Fair, unaware Willow has secretly stowed away on the same ship.

A tiny, mute orphan named Newton and a pair of haunted Italian shoes bring Willow and Julian face to face on deck. Forced to work together to solve the mystery of Newton and his vindictive, ghostly companion, Julian and Willow can no longer fight their untapped passions. However, time to admit their true feelings is running out, for the ghost and her murderer have enlisted them as unsuspecting pawns in a karmic game of cat-and-mouse that could cost all of them their lives.





The Hummingbird Heart is the second book in the Haunted Hearts Legacy series, and picks up 19 years from we left off in The Architect of Song. It’s starts with a terrible tragedy that just tears at your heartstrings. Willows parents are taken from her, and she is sent to live with a family at The Manor of Diversions. Willow has been growing up with Julian, Nick and their younger sister, who happen to be Nicholas and Juliet’s sons and daughter from the first book in the series. Now Willow is almost grown, she has her mind made up of what she wants, and with her being as headstrong as she is, nothing will stop her.

This was such a fantastic cast of characters, it’s hard to pick a favorite. So, I will start with Willow, she is on those characters that I liked from the start. She was a sassy, tomboyish, and didn’t take no crap kinda girl. It was expected of her to be this feminine little thing, to be prim and proper and she was not going to let that happen, at all. How could I not like the rebellious girl. Now, Julian was a smart, wholesome, and handsome young man, pretty much completely opposite of his twin brother who liked to sew his seed where it would take him. Nick has his own issues to deal with, but that’s another story. Willow and Julian have some swoony chemistry with plenty of kissing and sweet moments together. And I just couldn’t get enough of their banter back and forth and the budding romance. There was also a little boy that just stole my heart, and his story was amazing and how it was weaved into the story as whole was magnificent.

Most of the story takes place of a ship that is heading towards St. Louis World’s Fair where Julian is hoping to find investors for his amusement park. Willow and Julian find themselves in a situation with a ghost, and people who can’t really be trusted. And there isn’t anywhere to go, they are on a ship. The atmosphere on the ship was pretty creepy and with so many unanswered questions, who is this little boy? What is his connection to Willow and not only that what does this ghost want with Willow. Not knowing who to trust, and this mystery to solve, it all made for a haunting read. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. As I raced to the finish, I was fairly surprised by it all, but I was happy with how it all played out.

Once again, Howard has brought a wonderful hauntingly romantic tale with a side of a ghostly mystery. The wait for the third installment is going to be torturous, but I it will well worth the wait.







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The next glamorous, suspenseful beach read from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Adler follows twin sister grifters whose next mark has just been murdered.

Twin sisters, 38 years old, each attractive and charming, one quiet and cool, the other loud and vivacious. Based in Europe, they travel the world, always first class and always under a different guise. Make-up, wigs, hair styles, clothing, accents—they can transform themselves into anyone the situation demands.

Professional grifters, they con rich men who inevitably fall for their special brand of charm, style, and glamour, and who later find themselves relieved of a great deal of money, cars—once even a plane. Feeling like fools, the sisters’ victims rarely attempt to do anything about it. Which has allowed the sisters to continue their con uninterrupted, despite behind-hands rumors.

Interpol has been after them for years, always three feet behind these clever women. Until one of them upsets the whole careful balance, alienating her twin and threatening their way of life by falling in love with the man who was meant to be their next mark.

He is found dead. Murdered. Did the jealous sister do it? Or was it someone else entirely?

An attractive, intelligent agent from Interpol is on the hunt for answers, and the sisters’ game is becoming more dangerous than ever before.



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