Nov 21 2017

Review for Christmas on the Coast by Rebecca Boxall

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Review for Christmas on the Coast by Rebecca BoxallChristmas on the Coast by Rebecca Boxall
Published by Lake Union Publishing on October 10th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 222
Format: Kindle
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Can the secrets of the past be forgiven this Christmas?

Christmas is approaching on the island of Jersey, but Libby is feeling far from festive. Her police work and duties as vicar’s wife weigh heavily on her, she’s anxious about her troubled children, and now her best friend, Stella, has suddenly turned against her, citing a mysterious family grudge.

Libby is devastated by Stella’s unexpected coldness. But then her father shows her a diary written by her great-aunt Queenie, which sheds light on a long-hidden secret—one rooted in love, loyalty and betrayal. Writing during the Nazi occupation of Jersey in the winter of 1941, Queenie reveals a community torn apart by illicit romance, heartbreak and revenge—and by dark acts of fear and desperation.

The more Libby immerses herself in Queenie’s journal, the more she understands why its secrets still haunt her family and Stella’s. Christmas is a time of forgiveness, but is the treachery of their shared past too shameful to be forgotten?





When I picked this book, I was thinking that it would be a Christmas themed book, but it turned out to much more and in a good way. Yes, it was about Christmas, but more about family and the history they carry with them from generation to generation, the good and the bad. I am so glad that I picked this one up, it was such a good read.

Libby and Stella have been best friends since they were small children and now even as adults, they are pretty much inseparable. That is until, Stella learns of the reason behind the tension between their families all these years from her mother and wants nothing to do with Libby. A devastated Libby doesn’t understand and so close to the holiday’s, she goes looking for some answers from her parents. The journal her father gives her could shed some light on what happened all those years ago. Learning events that transpired all those years ago, and the truths behind some of the events revealed a lot to her about her own family as well as Stella’s. But the question was, would their friendship make it though it all?

The story is told from two different point of views, Libby in the present and Queenie from the past back in the 1940’s. Quennie’s journal entries during the when Nazi’s occupation and at time were emotional to see the things they went through. The horrible conditions, the hiding and they way they were treated. But Queenie had this way about her, I can’t explain it, she was a breath of fresh air during a time that was treacherous. Libby, on the hand, well her home is one of chaos. Her family is a mess and I think that she always felt that Stella was her rock. And with a family full of spoiled rotten children even the adult children, I would look a strong friend too and I did feel sorry for her. Libby’s parents were just amazing, reminded me of my own parents with the things they did. The other few characters from the past and present, were a good addition. I would have liked to learn more about quite a few of them too.

The stories from the past and present were weaved together very well, but I did find myself being drawn to the past more so than the present. The history behind it all was captivating and left me wanting to know more. I was pleased with the way the present day part of this went though, learning everything the way we did was such a great way to put all these people’s lives together and see how they all intertwined to make them in who they were today. It was a emotional story of forgiveness and love and one that will stay with me for a long time.



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16 Responses to “Review for Christmas on the Coast by Rebecca Boxall”

  1. Lily

    glad this book had a wonderful theme outside of Christmas. I’ve seen a review for this before and the last person found it just as lovely, going to have to look for it this Dec

  2. Lauren

    This sounds amazing! I love when books incorporate family history into the plot, and the diary aspect of this one in particular seems interesting. I’m really curious now to find out what transpired between the two families all of those years ago! Great review, Jenea!

  3. verushka

    This sounds wonderful! I immediately jumped to entirely the wrong conclusion from the cover and thought it a sweet Christmas story, but it’s so much more than that!~

  4. Wattle

    The cover certainly doesn’t indicate what’s inside, it sounds like a fascinating story. Wonderful review, thank you for sharing 🙂

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