Nov 27 2017

Reviews for Wild Hearts Series (Wild Hearts #0.5 & #1) by Vivian Wood

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Broken Dreams
Series: Wild Hearts #0.5
By: Vivian Wood
Published: October 10th, 2017
By: Pronoun
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 50
Format: Kindle
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In order to find love, you must set your heart free.
He was a man with nothing left to lose.
She was a woman with big dreams.
Before Wild Hearts, Alex and Faith were two restless souls on opposite sides of the country.
This 5000-word prequel shares a little glimpse into their past, and what circumstances brought them together.





This prequel is the perfect setup for Wild Hearts. Getting Alex’ and Faith’s backstories makes it so much easier to connect with them in the first book. Especially with Alex, knowing what happened to him before he meets Faith. Now, we also get to see things about her too. Where she works, acts and how she ends up meeting Alex. For this only being 50 pages, it sure does pack a pretty big emotional punch. You don’t necessarily have to read this before you read Wild Hearts, but I think it will help you understand these two complex people. I enjoyed it.






Wild Hearts
Series: Wild Hearts #1
By: Vivian Wood
Published: November 15th, 2017
By: EverAfter Romance
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 338
Format: Kindle
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In order to find love, you must set your heart free.

All her life, Faith has lacked a true, deep connection to someone. Her parents are long buried, her friends are too busy, and all she has is her job in corporate law to make her feel grounded. Each day is like the last with no telling if there will ever be something more for her. When a distant aunt passes away and leaves Faith her land, Faith has to put her empty life on hold and travel across the country to settle the estate.

A West Coast girl used to a fast paced lifestyle, Faith is ready to be entirely unimpressed by what she finds on the Georgia coast. That is, until she meets Alex.

Strong, tall, and decidedly anti-social, Alex is everything that Faith has been dreaming of her whole life. The fact that he scowls as he shows her the wonders of her new land doesn’t bother her… not like seeing him without his shirt does, anyway.

Alex has a lot of ground to cover before he can learn to trust someone again, but Faith is a lovely temptation. Slender, raven-haired, and smart as hell, she calls to him on a primal level… if he can get over the ghosts of his past.

Distrust, uncertainty, fear of change… In order to find their way to each other, they will each have their own demons to overcome.




Wild Hearts is one those books that once you start reading, you just don’t want to put down till the very end.

Alex and Faith have both had painful events in their lives, and are trying to move on and just keep going. When Faith learns that a distant Aunt passes away and leaves her entire estate her, she is shocked. Why would this woman leave it all to her? What is her connection to the island? Had she been there as a child? So, she makes plans to go and look at the estate and decide what to do with it. Enter Alex. This is where things change for Faith and for Alex. Someone one doesn’t want Faith anywhere near the house or the island, but who is the question? And what lengths will they go to keep her from it? With all of this going on, she is still trying to figure out the mystery that is Alex.

These two main characters are both complex in their own ways. Both are flawed, both have a past they are trying to move past. One is a step ahead when it comes to moving towards the future. Alex comes across as this stoic, brooding, almost dismissive man but he is easy on the eyes. Deep down he is a good guy though. He does not understand why Faith is still there, or why she is even attempting to do anything with the property. And he has no problem letting her know it too. Even though I know what happened to him, I still wanted to slap some sense into him a time or two. Faith is intelligent and independent. She has been for a long time, so Alex being all snippy and kinda bossy, she just puts him in his place. I loved the banter between them and the sexual tension was palpable, if the would just give in. There is no shortage of gorgeous men, in the Inn that would be happy to give Faith some attention too.

The secondary characters were even great in this. Caleb, Lee and Matt are brother of Alex and they are just as handsome and smart, but so different too. But, one person that I just have to mention is Mae, all those gorgeous boy’s Momma. She was so sweet and a southern Momma to the core. I adored her so much! Of course, there has to be those characters that just have to cause problems. And that they did too. I live out in the country, and know how our country boys can get sometimes, but wow, these boys were something else. They had their own little secrets that they didn’t want to be discovered too.

I think one my favorite things about this was the setting. Wood did an amazing job capturing southern Georgia from the Inn to the estate and the island that Faith inherited. Even the people and how they act and their hospitality too. The character growth between Alex and Faith was wonderful, and following them through all the betrayal, and secrets that are exposed kept me turning the pages. I wanted to know Faith’s ties to the island just as much as she did. The romance is slow building, the mystery of the island is revealed slowly and all together, it made for a fantastic read. And that ending, well, I was so pleased with it.

If you are looking for a story of growth and forgiveness, love and a little bit of suspense, this is good one for you.




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  1. Wattle

    I love it when novellas peel back the layers so you get to know some characters better, which makes future stories they feature in more impactful. Great review, I might have to give the series a whirl myself!

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