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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway for Rise (Spelldrift: Coven Of Fire #1) by Sierra Cross

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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway for Rise (Spelldrift: Coven Of Fire #1) by Sierra Cross



Thanks you for stopping by for my stop on the tour for Rise, the first book in the Coven of Fire series. I am happy to share my review and well as a giveaway courtesy of the author with you today. Enjoy and good luck!



Series: Coven of Fire #1
By: Sierra Cross
Publication by: Enigmatic / Elixir
Published by: June 15th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: 284
Pages: Kindle

I closed the door on magic long ago…the day it made me an orphan.

Ten years ago, the Coven of Fire sacrificed their lives—my mother among them—to hold off an overwhelming demonic force. Now it’s back.

As a poorly-paid bartender, how can any of this be my problem? But Callie, another orphan of that battle, swears I’m the key to reviving the coven. And there’s an incredibly sexy guardian stranded on my couch who’s promising to help me stop the demons and keep the veil between the realms standing.

One problem: I’ve never been able to use magic. Our local bad boy warlock assures me I have the talent, but even if I did, we don’t have enough witches to complete a coven. The only way to survive is to pull together this pack of magicborn misfits, who have more secrets than spells, into a makeshift coven.

Can we—three untrained witches, a sarcastic warlock, and an overly intense guardian—take back the city…before the demongate falls and the forces that killed my mother destroy us too?

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I don’t get to read a lot of urban fantasy, so when I read the synopsis for this one, it sounded like it would be a really good one. So, I took a chance, and I am pleased that I did too and turned out to be a great start to the series too. From the start we are introduced to Alix Hill, she might have been a Witch born into magic, but she believes her magic is dormant, or just gone, so she doesn’t even try to do magic. And what happened to her parents, I wouldn’t blame her at all. She’s working a sassy bartender, so when this hot guy comes telling her that the veil is thinning and she is the only one to save them all, and he is there to help her save the day, she isn’t so quick to believe him. Why would she?

Now, I have to say, I really like Alix, she brash, but also has a tender side too. Knowing the events that led her where she was today, made it easy for to want to root for her success and watching her growth throughout the course of her journey was enjoyable. She does have a pretty good head on her shoulders but she did have some help along the way too. That hot guy I mentioned, Matt, he seemed to genuinely care for Alix, but there is one issue. He is a Guardian, their attraction is forbidden. Alix’s friends, Liz and Callie stick with her through all the excitement and danger. And there was plenty of it. Even the Warlock, Asher, with his “bad boy” charm was a great addition. Man, did I like him!

The building was so well described, from the veil, the realms, to the demons, warlocks and the magic. It was fascinating and captivating, and kept me wanting more. With no shortage of angst from this group, or actions and danger, there was certainly never a dull moment. And once you get into the story, you don’e want to put it down. This was certainly a great setup for the series, and I looking forward to picking up the next installment, Ignite, to see how Alix makes out with her magic and the rest of the group does too. Fans of urban fantasy will love this one.






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Author Bio:

Spells and skyscrapers. Warriors and warlocks. Coven secrets and forbidden romances. Sierra Cross lives for urban fantasy, for modern magic and the bold supernatural beings who stalk our contemporary world. Her Spelldrift universe stars kickass witches and their heroic guardians, as well as vampires, shifters, mages, Fidei, and the dark demonic forces that threaten them all.

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  1. verushka

    You know what, the blurb sounded a little too snarky and perhaps a little too much insta-everything, but your review made me pause for thought in terms of my assumptions — never judge a book by it’s back blurb I guess lol

  2. Giselle

    Great review, Jenea! This sounds like a good read and Alix sounds like an easy to root for character, too! Glad you liked it!

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