Jan 25 2018

Mini Reviews: The Unforgotten by Laura Powell & Whip Smart (The Loft #1) by Siena Noble

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The Unforgotten
By: Laura Powell
Published: February 6th 2018
By: Gallery Books
Genre: Adult, Historical, Mystery, Fiction
Pages: 288
Format: Kindle
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Love, suspicion, and heartbreak collide in an evocative debut novel which will draw you in with clever twists and turns, and enticing secrets.

Fifteen-year-old Betty Broadbent helps her erratic and beautiful mother run the Hotel Eden, a boarding house now besieged by reporters, keen for juicy gossip and eye-catching headlines. They are there because the Cornish seaside town has recently witnessed a string of murders, young girls stabbed to death. Among the newspaper jackals, Mr. Gallagher stands out. Quiet, serious Mr. Gallagher — Betty is fascinated by his mysterious nature and desperate to be noticed by him and not be treated as a child. As he and Betty get to know each other, through snatched conversation and illicit meetings, their feelings for each other grow.
But she soon starts to realize how little she knows about the older, enigmatic journalist. With a dangerous cloud looming over the town, Betty starts to take risks to see him and hide secrets from her mother, her friends, and even herself—secrets that will echo through the years and affect the lives of many. Beautifully written with skilllfully drawn characters, evocative language, and set partially in 1956 with perfect period depiction, this is an astonishing tour de force from debut author Laura Powell.




This is a story about a young girl named Betty, living in St. Steel in Cornwall. She lives with her mother, running the local hotel. It has been filled with reporters all looking for the big story behind the “Clover Cleaver”, the infamous murderer recently released from prison. And he is going to speak publicly. Betty seems to have taken an interest in one particular reporter though, Mr. John Gallagher. Their friendship turns to a more secretive relationship, sending Betty down a path she isn’t ready for.

With alternating timelines in 1956 and 50 years later, it gives us the story through Betty’s eyes as well a lady named Mary who also knows about the Clover Cleaver. It was so easy to get all swept up in the mystery, I enjoy the characters, the good and questionable because they were all so well written. I felt for Betty with her mother being the way she was, but was a little leery of the connection she had with Gallagher. With clues here and there, sometimes I did find my self questioning what I thought was going on. It all suspenseful following the two timelines and learning how they intersected.

The Unforgotten is a blend of past and present and how decisions can change the courses of other lives, not just our own. It was a really good read, and fans of crime thrillers will enjoy it.






Whip Smart
Series: The Loft #1
By: Siena Noble
Published: October 26, 2017
By: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Genre: Adult, Erotica, BDSM, Romance
Pages: 418
Format: Kindle
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After freeing herself from her controlling, manipulative, and so-called “dominant” ex-fiancé, 24-year-old Teresa Bodnar returns to her hometown of Pittsburgh to try and put the pieces of her shattered life back together. Stuck in a rut and determined to prove herself capable of moving on with her life, Tera makes a bold move: founding the city’s first BDSM club.
But opening a club for business proves to be no small task, especially where unexpected romantic entanglements are concerned. Since first meeting at a kinky costume party, the magnetic attraction between Tera and easy-going Dominant Eric Yun has been undeniable, and yet Tera finds herself denying it at every turn. She knows she has baggage to spare, and the high-strung submissive is taking no chances when it comes to her budding friendship with the sweet and seductive Eric, no matter how tempting he may be.
Eric Yun has baggage of his own. No one knows better than he does how to hide pain behind a joke and smile. He’s spent years learning to take life in stride, and just when he thinks he has it all figured out, Tera Bodnar sweeps into his life with her big dreams, stubborn determination, and soft submissive side. He’s wanted her more than anything since they met, and now it’s impossible to get her out of his head. But he can tell she’s hiding painful secrets of her own, and the more he learns about this beautifully complicated woman, the more he finds himself revealing to her about the Eric behind the smile…
As Eric chips away at her walls, Tera learns that there is much more to this man than his mouth-watering good looks and effortless charm. She’s falling for him hard and fast, but if life has taught her anything, it’s that the harder the fall, the worse the damage, and the risk of Eric becoming a casualty in the process is just too great. But how can she hope to resist him when she can’t even escape him in her dreams?
**Note: This book is the first in a series and ends on a cliffhanger to be resolved in the book two**

** This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. **





Whipsmart center around Tera, she’s come back home after leaving her “dominant” ex-fiance. Yes, she been hurt, in a few way, but she puts on this tough exterior for everyone around her. She is fiercely independent. I haven’t always like the women who are mouthy, and don’t take no crap, and that is Tera. So, it wasn’t really a surprise when she decides to open a BDSM club. It is not going to be easy to do, it is the first one in the city, and she is going to try and do this be herself. She does soon meet Eric. He carries his own personal demons though. There was a sweet side to him, which I really did enjoy too and he could sure be seductive.

I believe that his intentions when it came to Tera were in the right place, even if she didn’t want to see it. He just needed to get her to open up, their chemistry was there and it was HOT. But she had a business to run. As the story progresses, their relationship heats up. Like flaming hot. Now, there is a cliffhanger, but in the next book it is resolved so I wasn’t worried with the way it ended. And I am looking forward to seeing how everything works out. If you are looking something steamy and romantic, pick this one up.







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    The first one sounds like something I would like. I tend to enjoy books with dual timelines. Plus a mystery. I will look it up.

  2. verushka

    I am so taken with The Unforgotten, including the cover. I am so curious about how the two timelines intersect for this story.

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