Feb 06 2018

Review for The Coincidence Makers: A Novel by Yoav Blum

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Review for The Coincidence Makers: A Novel by Yoav BlumThe Coincidence Makers: A Novel by Yoav Blum
Published by St. Martin's Press on March 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Pages: 308
Format: Kindle
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In this genre-bending novel, there is no such thing as chance and every action is carefully executed by highly trained agents. You’ll never look at coincidences the same way again.

What if the drink you just spilled, the train you just missed, or the lottery ticket you just found was not just a random occurrence? What if it’s all part of a bigger plan? What if there’s no such thing as a chance encounter? What if there are people we don’t know determining our destiny? And what if they are even planning the fate of the world?

Enter the Coincidence Makers—Guy, Emily, and Eric—three seemingly ordinary people who work for a secret organization devoted to creating and carrying out coincidences. What the rest of the world sees as random occurrences, are, in fact, carefully orchestrated events designed to spark significant changes in the lives of their targets—scientists on the brink of breakthroughs, struggling artists starved for inspiration, loves to be, or just plain people like you and me…

When an assignment of the highest level is slipped under Guy’s door one night, he knows it will be the most difficult and dangerous coincidence he’s ever had to fulfill. But not even a coincidence maker can see how this assignment is about to change all their lives and teach them the true nature of fate, free will, and the real meaning of love.

Part thriller, part mystery, part love story—Kirkus calls Yoav Blum's The Coincidence Makers “a smart, unpredictable, and heartfelt adventure story.”





This is a really hard book to review without giving away too much too, but I am going to do my best. The concept behind The Coincidence Makers is an intriguing one for sure, the idea of having people who we don’t know. Only see someone in passing, might even say hello to, having such an impact in out lives. Setting events in motion to get a specific outcome, whether a blooming romance or set on a course for success. Or something completely different. It all kinda makes you think.

The story centers around three coincidence makers, Eric, Guy and Emily. Throughout the story we follow each of them while they are “creating moments” in other people lives that they are meant to meet and change the course of some part of their life. Coincidences big or small, they do everything precise. They have to,or a different course might happen. Guy was given a special mission which was little different than the normal ones though. But this is more about Eric, Guy and Emily than just the coincidences.

There is a lot to learned about these three, because they’re all kind of mysterious at the beginning. We get to see things from their past through flashbacks which shed some light on at least two of them. Guy is still infatuated with someone from the past. Emily is in love with someone that doesn’t feel the same. While Eric stays a mystery. Just like how the ones whose lives they “change” are chosen and why. There is a clever little at the end which I though was pretty amazing!

The pace is a little on the slow side at first but certainly works in its favor and it does pick up too. So no worries. The Coincidence Makers was an intriguing concept, the what if’s, the line between free will and fate or coincidence. It was such a fascinating read!



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18 Responses to “Review for The Coincidence Makers: A Novel by Yoav Blum”

  1. Angela

    The concept of this is so unique – I think about fate and free will sometimes, just about all the little things that happen that lead us to where we are, so it’s definitely intriguing to think it’s all being orchestrated!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Oh wow! Who’s behind all their coincidence work and why those jobs… yes, I’m so curious. Thanks for sharing about this one, Jenea!

  3. Heidi

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this one as I have a copy. Looking forward to learning more about the Coincidence makers.

  4. verushka

    I had to skim this after looking at your stars because I just got it today for review and I have been rubbing my hands in glee!

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