Feb 08 2018

Review for They All Fall Down by Tammy Cohen

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Review for They All Fall Down by Tammy CohenThey All Fall Down by Tammy Cohen
Published by Pegasus Books on March 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 384
Format: Kindle
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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets Orange is the New Black in this new psychological thriller, where a new patient suspects that women at her high-risk psychiatric clinic are being stalked by a serial killer . . .

Hannah had a perfect life in London—a loving husband, a great job—until she did something shocking. Something that she doesn’t quite understand herself; and now she has landed herself in a high-risk psychiatric unit.

Since Hannah has been admitted, two women have died, including Charlie, one of her closest friends in the institution. It’s a high-risk unit, the authorities say. Deaths happen. But Hannah knows Charlie wouldn’t have killed herself. She is convinced there’s a serial killer picking off the patients one by one, passing their deaths off as suicides. But why? And who will believe her?

Corinne, Hannah’s mother, is worried sick about her eldest daughter. She hates that she’s ended up in the unit, though she knows it’s the best place for her to get the treatment she needs. At first, Corinne assumes Hannah’s outlandish claims about a killer in the unit are just another manifestation of her psychological condition, but as she starts to uncover strange inconsistencies surrounding the unit's charismatic director, Dr. Roberts, she begins to wonder if her daughter might have stumbled upon the truth.

But who can Corinne trust, when she doesn’t even trust her own daughter?





Hannah’s life was going fabulous and he had everything she wanted. A great husband, a successful career and the hopes of having a family of her own one day. Until something inside her broke, and she was admitted into a psychiatric facility for treatment.

For most of the story, the setting is within the private facility that Hannah has been checked into. Recently two of the patients have died, what is being told is that they killed themselves. These women spend almost all of their days with each other, whether is during group therapy sessions, art therapy or free time. They’ve bonded. Hannah finds it hard to believe that her friends would have killed themselves, with the progress they’ve made.

Corinne, Hannah’s mother POV, is that of a mother whose heart is broken over her daughters admittance for treatment. Her worries only intensify when her daughter starts saying that there us someone killing people within the facility. Now those worries are, is she getting worse? Or is there really something sinister going on in there? Laura is an art therapist in the facility and her POV, gives some insight into some of the women. She was a little eccentric though, didn’t really know what to think of her. The other patients were quite interesting and so were the pasts.

Now as for Hannah, while she is an unreliable narrator, she seems to be on the track. There is something going on there. People really aren’t who they say they are, lies being told. And so many that don’t want those secrets uncovered. But as the story progresses, there are so many questions about her. What happened to her to cause her to have a mental break? So not only do we have the mystery of deaths to uncover but also Hannah’s past. There is plenty of danger lurking at every turn inside and outside the facility. Knowing who to trust and what to trust just add to the building suspense. The twist toward the end was well placed and pretty amazing, threw pretty much everything I thought was going on all off.

They All Fall Down is a eerie, disturbing but completely enthralling read. It just sucks you in, wanting to know how it all ends. It is a fantastic psychological thriller.



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11 Responses to “Review for They All Fall Down by Tammy Cohen”

  1. Angela

    Wow, this sounds so intense! I love an unreliable narrator, and I know I would be questioning so much during the story.

  2. Heidi

    I am on a psychological thriller kick lately. I think I have to have this one. I love a good unreliable narrator, and the setting is so eerie!

  3. Evie

    I love the part about her being an unreliable narrator. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but it sure makes a good thriller.

  4. verushka

    Ooooh, this sounds deliciously creepy! And I like that her mum is involved in the mystery too because I act5ually can’t remember if I’ve ever seen a mum/daughter book like this!

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