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Review for Lady Gone Wicked (A Wicked Secrets Novel) by Elizabeth Bright

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Review for Lady Gone Wicked (A Wicked Secrets Novel) by Elizabeth BrightLady Gone Wicked by Elizabeth Bright
Published by Entangled Publishing on February 26th 2018
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance
Pages: 282
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher

Nicholas Eastwood is finally about to get everything he ever wanted. As a reward for his service to the Crown, he has been offered the title of marquess. All he has to do is stay scandal-free until the papers are signed. There’s just one problem: His ex-lover, presumed dead, is remarkably alive.

Adelaide Bursnell is determined to right her wrongs. She will be a dutiful daughter and loving sister. Most importantly, she must marry before her scandal catches up to her. Nicholas was once her ruin, but now he is determined to be her salvation. If he can find her a suitable husband, their shared past can stay buried.

But old temptations prove impossible to resist and scandal can never stay secret for long...





Lady Gone Wicked is the second book in the Wicked Secrets series. The first book introduces some of the characters you’ll meet in this one, but it isn’t necessary to have read to read this installment. Of course, I would definitely say read it, Alice and Nathaniels’ story is a great one!

Adelaide Bursnell was believed to have died during childbirth as well as the child. Her family mourned her, her sister Alice set out to avenge the wrongs done to her sister. Now that Adelaide has came back out of hiding, the scandal of her out of wedlock pregnancy with Nicholas Eastwood’s baby is not going to be far behind her. Now she must find a husband before that happens.

The sisterly bond/love between Adelaide and Alice I enjoyed so much in the previous book. It was clear how much Alice loved her sister, and she was bound and determined to avenge her. So, it didn’t surprise me when she opened her arms and heart to Adelaide when she learned she in fact still alive and well. Adelaide was just as sassy and brash, and certainly has no problem say what she wanted. Sometimes it did get her some stares. God, how I adored this girl!

Nicholas Eastwood was the twin brother of Nathaniel, but he his the blacksheep of the family. The outcast. Just like his family, most of the towns people even looked down on him. I think that he had a good heart though. He was willing to step aside and so that Adelaide could find a “suitable” husband. Tell me there isn’t some good in him somewhere?! There is a lot more to him than all that rough exterior he holds onto.

The writing in this is such that you get swept up in it all, I didn’t realize how fast I was going through the pages. You can’t help but to feel for Adelaide and Nicholas both. They have history together, not all good but not all bad either and the chemistry is off the charts but neither wants to give in. There are laughable moments and somber ones. And following Adelaide on her journey to find herself again and see how everything worked out for her was engaging right till the end.

I adore this series, and I am anxious to see who we are introduced to next. The setting, the characters and the romance make this a book that fans of historical romance will devour.




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    Been a while since I’ve read historicals, but this one sounds really interesting. I always love when a book can make me laugh out loud too. Hugs…RO

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