Feb 26 2018

Review for Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell

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Review for Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha BellExhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell
Published by Crown Publishing Group (NY) on March 13th 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller
Pages: 312
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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A shocking, original psychological thriller about a mother gone missing and the family she leaves behind, ultimately proving how unknowable even those closest to us can be

Alexandra Southwood is missing. Held in a room against her will, she's forced to imagine how her husband, Marc, and two daughters are coping in the wake of her disappearance. She's shown news clips of Marc, desperately appealing to the public for information on her whereabouts. She tortures herself with visions of her family's devastated new reality. She thinks of what's lost, remembering the beginnings of her romance with Marc and the beautiful family they built together.

Marc's pain is visceral. He thinks of nothing but his wife. He shifts from utter despair to frantic action, and when the police discover Alexandra's bloody belongings by the river, turning their missing-persons case into a murder investigation, he cannot accept that she is lost to him. He embarks on his own journey, through the dark maze of the art world that so gripped his wife, following a trail that leads him to find answers to questions he never meant to ask.





This is such a hard to book to review without giving to much away, but I am going to do my best. Alexandra is just like most wives and mothers. If she isn’t at work, she is at home with her husband and girls. They play games and watch tv together. Alexandra has a love for life and art. When she goes missing, her family is devastated. Her husband refuses to lose faith she’s alive.

This story is told from Alexandra’s POV, it is what she believes how events transpire after her disappearance. It is the present, with glimpses of the past, how she and her husband met, and other aspects of her life. It does get a little confusing at times, but it ends up working rather well it all comes together.

Alexandra life seemed perfect from the outside, but from her POV, it was clear their was some issues, some she didn’t share with anyone. She is one those characters, you want to feel for, especially in the situation she is in. But at the same time, I didn’t find her all that likable. I did however feel more connected to her husband, he loved her, and so determined to find her. And did his best with their girls in their mothers absence. A few other characters, were just as mysterious as Alexandra’s disappearance, so it was interesting to see the role they played in her life and the mystery too.

There were some underlying themes that I sensed right away and others that were buried deep within the mystery behind Alexandra’s disappearance. The characters were well developed, and played their parts just right, whether they were family, friends, law enforcement or even suspects. The ending was a surprise and boy was a big twist! I will want you, the pace is a little on the slow side but this is a good thing when it came to particular thriller.

Exhibiting Alexandra was most definitely a mind twisting psychological thriller, that will keep you guessing and wanting more.



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11 Responses to “Review for Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell”

  1. verushka

    This one is one that has me of two minds — on the one hand, it sounds like an amazing psychological thriller on the other hand, the thought of Alexandra in prison just creeps me out for some reason.

  2. RO

    A good thriller like this sounds like it would definitely hold my interest for sure. In a word, intense, seems to describe this book, and I need to grab it! Hugs…RO

  3. Ann W Gauthier

    I think the book is fantastic. But one thing puzzles me. She’s locked in concrete room and a man tortures her all the while she is missing. Then it turns out that she was living a double life. How does it explain her being captured by the “monster” and suddenly her husband finds out that she’s been alive and well – living another life. How does the “cell” room fit into the story? Or is the “cell” scene about her in jail – at the end of the story?

    • Carol A Hale

      Spoiler: I was confused too, until we got to the end. Then, because of what we learned, I thought the cell scenes were performance art orchestrated by her. She couldn’t escape because she designed the set to be inescapable until the predesignated time. Any other thoughts?

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