Mar 22 2018

Review for We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson

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Review for We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue WatsonWe'll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson
Published by Skyhorse Publishing on April 3rd 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Women’s Fiction
Pages: 360
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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A charming second-chance love story for fans of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Does first love deserve a second chance?

During her first week at art college, Rosie Jackson, almost seventeen, locks eyes with the charismatic Peter from across the room of their nude figure drawing class, and the course of her life is changed forever.

Now, on the cusp of sixty-five and recently widowed, Rosie is slowly coming to terms with a new future. And after a chance encounter with Peter forty-seven years later, she is brought back to that summer of 1968, when she fell in love for the first time and dared to dream boldly of a life in Paris. As Rosie and Peter pick up where they had left off, they both begin to wonder what if . . .

Told with warmth, wit, and humor, We’ll Always Have Paris is a moving and uplifting novel about two people giving love a second chance in later life—the choices they make, the lives they lead, and the love they share.





This is a story of a woman’s loss and learning to live on after. Rosie was married to Michael for many years, and they loved each other dearly and raised two beautiful daughters. This was such a close family, and they were devastated when he became ill, and they lost him, moving on after such a loss was not easy for any of them.

Rosie and daughters, Anna and Isabel run the local florist shop and by chance during an event they were apart of, Rosie runs into her first love. Their relationship was that of two young people in love, but ended up leaving her. With a broken heart. It is clear that there was some unresolved feelings there, but all Rosie is looking for is friendship. It desn’t stay that way for long though with all time she is spending with him. Maybe this is their second chance to be together, but this causes a little bit of tension between her and her girls.

This is a great cast of characters, so easily relatable and so down to earth. Rosie was the rock for her daughters and grandchildren, and this grandma was a feisty one too. But she’s learning to be independent after being married for so many years, but her daughter Anna sees her fragile and needs everyday care and protection. I understand wanting to take care of your parent after such a loss, but Anna was overprotective to the point, I just felt awful for Rosie and for Peter too. She wasn’t exactly nice to him. She did come around, slowly… Isabel, her other daughter however was a little more open to her mother’s new male friend, I truly believe she just wanted her mother to find some happiness again.

I think the brightes star out of this group of women other than Rosie, was her granddaughter Emma. This girl spoke her mind and was just as spunky as her grandma and she loved her grandma too. Rosie’s man Peter, was questionable for me. He seemed like a nice man, and he seemed to really care for her. But what did this man do to Rosie all those years ago to hurt her so badly? At the same time, it did send her down a path that led her to Michael and life she’s loved all these years. With all the history that Rosie and Peter had to work through, he was one those characters that I waited to see how everything worked out at the end, before I decided I liked him or not.

We’ll Always Have Paris is filled with emotional memories, loss, grief and most of all, a second chance at love. And getting to know this family was so heartwarming and was something I could related to having gone through something similar. While the ending was some what bittersweet, it was a perfect ending and I enjoyed following Rosie on her journey to redefine herself and live each day happily.



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8 Responses to “Review for We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson”

  1. Angela

    This sounds like a beautiful story. I like that Rosie moved on after her initial heartbreak and went on to have a wonderful life with her husband and family, before finding her first love again.

  2. Debbie Haupt-The Reading Frenzy

    Awe Jenea this is right up my alley. I love second chances and I love the fact that this stars an older couple, sometimes when an “older” woman like me enjoys romance its like peeping in on my daughter you know. LOL Great review and thanks for putting this on my radar, the cover alone is a reason to buy this book!

    • Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

      Makes you wonder doesn’t It? After my Dad passed, I always hoped my Mom would find someone to make her feel this way. So, this was a little close to home with me. I hope you’ll give this one a try, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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