Apr 13 2018

Review for The Girl With No Name (Detective Josie Quinn #2) by Lisa Regan

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Review for The Girl With No Name (Detective Josie Quinn #2) by Lisa ReganThe Girl With No Name (Detective Josie Quinn Book 2) by Lisa Regan
Published by Bookouture on April 19th 2018
Genres: Adult, Psychological, Thriller, Mystery, Police Procedurals
Pages: 341
Format: Kindle
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Detective Josie Quinn is horrified when she’s called to the house of a mother who had her newborn baby snatched from her arms.
A woman caught fleeing the scene is Josie’s only lead, but when questioned it seems this mysterious girl doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from or why she is so terrified…
Is she a witness, a suspect, or the next victim?
As Josie digs deeper, a letter about a mix-up at a fertility clinic links the nameless girl and the missing child to a spate of killings across the county. Josie is faced with an impossible decision: should she risk the life of one innocent child to save many others… or can she find another way?





Detective Josie Quinn is back and has found herself in a case that shake her to the core. It’s the second installment of the series, and it did not disappoint. I don’t think you necessarily have to read the first book to understand what is going on in this one, but I think it helps getting to know a little more about Josie, Luke and Missy who all involved in this book. Plus, it was really GOOD, so of course, I would recommend reading it anyway.

Det. Quinn is settling in her new role as Police Chief. She and her fiancé Luke are planning to get married soon. He is a little distant when it comes to the whole wedding planning thing, but it isn’t something guys get into all that much. They both went through an ordeal from a previous case, that has left them piecing back together their lives.

Josie is trying to put aside everything that happened, especially becasue of her new appointment as Chief. Trying to move on isn’t always easy, but I truly admired her strength, and not letting her personal issued get in the way of her work. Her new case might be a little hard to stomach, a woman found beaten, and the baby she just delivered was taken from her. The fact that the women happens to be her late husband’s girlfriend, makes this case a little personal. She has to push her feelings aside, there is an innocent baby missing and the Missy is fighting for her life. But add to all that, Luke is now missing too!

With only one lead, the msyterious woman they caught leaving Missy’s house, who of course isn’t talking, they have to just keep digging. The more they investigate, the more bizarre the whole case seem to get. It was certainly a multi layered case too, buried bodies being found, (gangsters, where did they come from?) Luke missing, and clues pointing to him having some involvement in it all and then the whole fertility clinic fiasco, I could unstand Josie’s frustration and determination to get this case solved. Hell I even got frustrated trying to piece it all together, that is a lot of evidence to sort through and make sense of. So, I just had to sit back and follow the clues right along with her and the detectives and see where/who they led to. Don’t know how Josie managed to keep her head on straight through it all, but she did. Of course, she is kinda a badass, so..

With so many suspects coming into play, and Josie’s own personal interest in the case, not to mention to the search for the missing baby, all made for one page turning read and I couldn’t get enough. The suspense was always there so never a dull moment, just plenty of second guessing going on. Loved the ending too. I am looking forward to the next book, The Bad Mother which will be out in August. It’s. So. Far. Away… I can’t help but wonder what case Detective Josie Quinn will take us on next?




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  1. verushka

    Oh, this series is one I need to get to know! And she’s a Chief now? I don’t often see that in books like this, so that’s another reason to get to know Josie better!

  2. Lisa Regan

    I just wanted to thank you so much for giving my series a try and for this amazing review. I really, really appreciate it! Thank you!!!!

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