Apr 16 2018

Review for Come from Away by Genevieve Graham

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Review for Come from Away by Genevieve GrahamCome from Away by Genevieve Graham
Published by Simon & Schuster on April 24th 2018
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance, Fiction, War Times
Pages: 352
Format: Kindle
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From the bestselling author of Tides of Honour and Promises to Keep comes a poignant novel about a young couple caught on opposite sides of the Second World War.

In the fall of 1939, Grace Baker’s three brothers, sharp and proud in their uniforms, board Canadian ships headed for a faraway war. Grace stays behind, tending to the homefront and the general store that helps keep her small Nova Scotian community running. The war, everyone says, will be over before it starts. But three years later, the fighting rages on and rumours swirl about “wolf packs” of German U-Boats lurking in the deep waters along the shores of East Jeddore, a stone’s throw from Grace’s window. As the harsh realities of war come closer to home, Grace buries herself in her work at the store.

Then, one day, a handsome stranger ventures into the store. He claims to be a trapper come from away, and as Grace gets to know him, she becomes enamoured by his gentle smile and thoughtful ways. But after a several weeks, she discovers that Rudi, her mysterious visitor, is not the lonely outsider he appears to be, but someone else entirely—someone not to be trusted. When a shocking truth about her family forces Grace to question everything she has so strongly believed, she realizes that she and Rudi have more in common than she had thought. And if Grace is to have a chance at love, she must not only choose a side, but take a stand.

Come from Away is a mesmerizing story of love, shifting allegiances, and second chances, set against the tumultuous years of the Second World War.





This is a young woman’s chance encounter that set a series of events in motion that neither Grace Baker of Rudi Weiss was ever expecting.

The setting takes us to a small town on the coast of Nova Scotia, and Graham describes it so beautifully for being during a ragin war going one. It was was be transported here, and found myself enthralled learning of this era of time, the town and the townspeople as well. Prejudices play a large role during this time, as we see those prejudices through both Grace and Rudi’s eyes as they tell us their story. They met at a local dance, not know each other’s name, they danced together, and had a connections that neither of them thought would go anywhere. Rudi was set to ship off on U-Boat he was assigned to. It wasn’t until later on that their paths crossed again.

Grace comes from a very close knit family and with her three brothers off fighting in the war, while she and her parents are left behind, the void was disheartening. All she wants to do is her part for those away and at home, but she has her own fears about her brothers and fears not being enough help for those fighting or at home. The thing about her is, she doesn’t let it show to others, and I don’t know how she stayed so strong for those around her. Her pain was so clear while reading her POV, and I felt so awful for her, but she was one smart young woman with a good head on her shoulders. Her growth through out this was wonderful and I adored her more and more while I followed her side of things

Rudi’s a German soldier, his U-Boat has sunk, killing majority of the crew but he survived somehow. He’s in a place now that he doesn’t know, he doesn’t speak clear English, and if anyone knew who he really was, they wouldn’t want him there. Running into Grace in the local goods store was just what he needed and wanted too. Grace is drawn to him, but she also has no clue who he is or where he is from, this was a problem. I found myself wanting Grace to see him for the good guy he truly was, but during this time, Germans were the enemy, and I wondered if she and her family would be able to get past it and help him. Finding out if Grace would give into her heart was something I wanted to know too. Rudi had good in him and sometimes following what all he went through even as a child, was so sad, but he had a great strength with him, of course he had to for everything that was thrown at him, it just made him more intriguing to me.

Most of the events that transpired were caused by fear and prejudices and my heart broke for Rudi and Grace on so many occasions. As these two got know a little more about each other, the relationship grew, it was a slow burn but completely swoon worthy, and made me believe that there was still good in people even during this horrible time in history. Plus, I adored them together and I wanted happiness for both of them, together or not and for the Baker family.

Come from Away was such a beautiful story of second chances, taking a stand and love. I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed this, it is one book that I would highly recommend reading, especially for fans of historical romances.



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Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

12 Responses to “Review for Come from Away by Genevieve Graham”

  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I really, really like the sound of this one. I already have Tides of Honour by Graham to read and I think I need to add this one as well. All of the WW II-era fiction I’ve read has taken place in Europe. The Canadian setting sounds interesting. And I can already imagine the hardships and prejudices Grace and Rudi face. Great review, Jenea!

  2. Daniela Ark

    oh nothing like second chances war stories! I have a soft spot for stories of prejudice!

    Hey you are about to make me read historical romance [which I don;t read much!] Jenea with all the wonderful reviews you have been posting!

  3. Melliane

    Oh yes I saw great reviews abiyt this one and it’s nice to hear tou also had a good time with it. I’m always intrigued by books during this period

  4. Heidi

    I read Ali’s review for this last week, and it sounds delightful. I love WWII era books, and I don’t think I have ever read one set in Canada.

  5. Lindsi

    I haven’t read anything by this author, but I don’t usually grab historical romances. I do try them occasionally, but the blurb has to be amazing, or I’ve read a few reviews that rave about it. I’ll have to look into this one since you enjoyed it so much! Maybe I’ll crazy a historical fiction soon?

    Do You Dog-ear?

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