Apr 17 2018

Review for How To Walk Away by Katherine Center

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Review for How To Walk Away by Katherine CenterHow to Walk Away by Katherine Center
Published by St. Martin's Press on May 15th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
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From the author of Happiness for Beginners comes an unforgettable love story about finding joy even in the darkest of circumstances.

Margaret Jacobsen has a bright future ahead of her: a fiancé she adores, her dream job, and the promise of a picture-perfect life just around the corner. Then, suddenly, on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, everything she worked for is taken away in one tumultuous moment .

In the hospital and forced to face the possibility that nothing will ever be the same again, Margaret must figure out how to move forward on her own terms while facing long-held family secrets, devastating heartbreak, and the idea that love might find her in the last place she would ever expect.





Margaret Jacobson has her life on the track she has always wanted, a great degree, a good guy and the chance for her dream job too. Her boyfriend Chip, wanted to give her a night to remember, he takes her on a flight he’s piloting and proposes, but things go terrifyingly wrong and Margaret ends up hospitalized with traumatic injuries while Chip walks away with barely a scratch. Her world has been changed.

When Margaret wakes up in the hospital, she has no idea how different her life is going to be from this point on. Her injuries leave her paralyzed, and burns on the body and face. I enjoyed the fact that Center did not shy away from showing us the highs on the lowest of lows when it come to Margaret’s recovery. I have to say though, I did get frustrated with her a couple of times, she has so many people trying to help her and she just pushes them away. I had to step back, and try and put myself in her situation, her life has been changed in an instant, her physical being has changed and her feelings toward things in her life were altered too. It was then, that I really began to understand her actions, her feelings were raw and emotional and her pain at times was palpable. She did have her snarky comebacks, and not holding back moments too.

There are two romances involved in the story, Chip the fiancée and the blooming romance with the hot, stoic physical therapist who was kinda standoffish at first. Of course, I had my favorite even if it was against the rules. Margaret’s family is ever present which loved, the problem is her mother pushes her to become the person she used to be, and she was certainly an overbearing, pushy mother. Seriously, give the girl some time to get it together, it’s just been a few days! Chip is wallowing in liqour because of his guilt and that he wants the old Margaret, the beautiful, vibrant Margaret back. Asshat! I did really like her father though, even if he did stay quiet most of the time.

I think one of my favorite cahracters was Kit, Margarets estranged sister who is now back. This is the kind of sister I would want in my corner though all of this. She didn’t give on Margaret, she was persistent and was exactly what Margaret needed. I just adore her. As Margaret’s healing progresses, she learns a lot about those around her, some good and some heartbreaking. Yes, she had to dig deep to find the strength within herself both mentally and physically, to find acceptance of the life she has now. It wasn’t an easy journey either.

How To Walk Away will take you on a rollor coaster ride of emotions for sure, but to follow Margaret through it all was an awe-inspiring and beautiful story of courage and love. It’s one that will stick with yor for a long time.



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6 Responses to “Review for How To Walk Away by Katherine Center”

  1. Cindy

    What a great story line and your review has me adding this one to my books I need to read list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. verushka

    What an emotional premise this is! This reminded me of a woman who was caught in a bushfire here in Australia, was burned terribly and now she’s running marathons, getting married and having a baby. It’s amazing what she’s done. Well now, this got a wee bit emotional on my end lol The woman, Turia Pitt is someone I admire very much, so I was thrilled with the premise in this book.

  3. Naomi Hop

    Wow! This sounds like it would be a moving read! I don’t mind a bit of a love triangle if it’s done right. Fabulous review Jenea!

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