Apr 20 2018

Review for The Family at Number 13 by S.D. Monaghan

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Review for The Family at Number 13 by S.D. MonaghanThe Family at Number 13 by S.D. Monaghan
Published by Bookouture on April 27th 2018
Genres: Adult, Psychological, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 310
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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The most perfect lives can hide the darkest secrets… Mary has everything. Beautiful and rich, she lives on an exclusive street in the heart of the city, in a house with gorgeous views and an immaculately maintained garden. Her life looks perfect.

But behind closed doors the truth is very different. Her husband Andrew barely speaks to her, spending his days down in the basement alone. Her teenage nephew is full of rage, lashing out with no warning. Her carefully constructed life is beginning to fall apart.

And then someone starts sending Mary anonymous notes, threatening her and her family…

Everyone has secrets. But is someone at number 13 hiding something that could put the whole family in danger?





From the outside, the St. Catherine’s Hill neighborhood is filled with large beautiful homes, it appears to be a nice, quiet family neighborhood, but behind the doors of these homes is something strange going on here. And one new tenant finds himself in the middle of a situation that has both excessive drama and deadly consequences.

The Family at Number 13 centers around Connor, a therapist and Mary, one the neighbors with her drama filled family. Connor recently had to move from his long time home and practice, he believes that he has found the perfect place too. This starts with a bang! Connor is seen standing over a dead body. So many questions are raised right from the start. Who is this person? Did Connor really kill him?

Connor recently had a patient that he was seeing for quite a while, but had to refer him to another therapist, he was too buddy, buddy and wanted to be more that therapist-client. There was serious transference going on, so Connor did the right thing by referring him to someone else, but it didn’t go over very well with Zachery, the client. The thing is, the nice all most to good to be true deal on the rental, comes with Zachary being one his neighbors. Can you say, Problem?!

Mary lives next door, her home is filled with drama. A husband who doesn’t pay attention to her, but he does take the time to spend with the nephew Finn, who lives with them. Finn who doesn’t can’t go to school because of behavoioral issues due to his ODD. One sister who is some sort of rehab, and another sister Brona, who happens to be Connor’s crazed patients, girlfriend. Wow, was this one dysfunctional family, but they sure were some interesting characters.

The story is told in dual POV’s from Connor and Mary, a little back forth from the past and the present as well. I think this was a bonus, it gives us some the events that lead up Connor’s standing over a dead body. As the story unfolds there are so many secrets that this neighborhood has that come boiling to the surface, and for Mary’s family especially. More so, how Connor got himself in the middle of all this chaos. He’s a smart man, a therapist, how does not keep himself out of this turmoil, he should see the signs or something! Anyway… With all the little side stories of each of the family members, and the neighbors it did get a little confusing at times, but in the end, it did all come together. Now I will say, that a few of the characters weren’t very likable, but they played their parts, and did them well. So, that I didn’t mind at all, it just comes with the story sometimes. You have t have the “good” and “bad” guys in there somewhere.

With everything that was going on with players in this domestic thriller, I knew at some point a big twist would be placed in there somewhere, it was a pretty good one too. I was on the right track to figuring it all out, but the twist threw it a little off. So, overall, this turned out to be a great psychological thriller with some family suspenseful moments in it too. I think fans of thrillers will enjoy it!



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11 Responses to “Review for The Family at Number 13 by S.D. Monaghan”

  1. Heidi

    Hmmm… I am on the fence. I love a good thriller, but not happy to hear this one is packed with family drama…

  2. verushka

    Whew, this sounds like such a twisty ride! I am impressed with all the characters and how the author takes such control of them to make this all work.

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