May 15 2018

Review for Hot Asset (21 Wall Street #1) by Lauren Layne

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Review for Hot Asset (21 Wall Street #1) by Lauren LayneHot Asset (21 Wall Street, #1) by Lauren Layne
on My 22nd 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 266
Format: Kindle
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A sexy agent hounds Wall Street’s hottest new wolf in an exhilarating novel from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne.

Ian Bradley is the definition of a Wall Street hotshot: seven-figure salary, designer suits, and a corner office. His drive off the floor is just as potent. Every woman who knows him has felt the rush. But now he’s met his match in Lara McKenzie—a woman with the power to bring Ian to his knees.
An ambitious, whip-smart daughter of FBI agents, Lara is a rising star in fighting white-collar crime. Her latest case—the investigation of Ian Bradley for insider trading—could make her career. She knows a scoundrel when she sees one. Ian fits the bill: a cocky, ridiculously handsome bad boy with a slick swagger.
She’ll do anything to prove he’s guilty. He’ll do anything to prove he’s not. But it’s only a matter of time before their fierce battle of wits gets oh so hot and personal. Now, taking down Ian has become more than business for Lara. It’s become a pleasure—and there’s more at risk than she ever dreamed.




From the start of this, I knew that I would be in for one hell of a ride with these two, strong, independent and stubborn characters. Ian Bradley, the Ivy League educated, investment bank at a large firm, Wolfe Investment in Manhattan New York. Lara McKenzie works for the Securties and Exchange Commision comes from a family of FBI Agents, and just want to follow in their footsteps. She could possibly be Ian’s downfall. Or will she?

Lara is one touch cookie, and I loved her so much! She was feisty and spoke her mind always. She would be on friend I would definitely want in my corner. Ian is the top dogs at the investment firm, bringing in new clients, and sucessfully making start investments. But he is quite the “ladies man” too. They both take their job very seriously, and now Lara has been sent to investigate him, for insider trading of all things. Boy, he was ticked off at that accusation too. Ian might be cocky and comes of strong, but cheating at his job is not in him.

Our story centers around one characters trying to clear their name and the other chasing the “big case” that could make their career. The dual POV’s worked s well in seeing everything from both sides too. The banter between these two has me cracking up, and the chemistry between them was off the charts. I did really enjoy the fact that the blossoming relationship between them was the jumper right in bed kind too. There are of course other characters that I enjoyed, even the so called “villain” of the story was pretty great.

Now, even though I did figure out what was going on with the whole inside trading tip fiasco, it did not take anything away from my enjoyment. It was so easy to get swept up in all the drama of the investigation and these two and their push and pull. This was my CWW pick a while back, so when I got the chance to read it, of course I jumped On it. And after finishing it, it was so worth the wait!

Great characters with some pretty amazing chemistry and a little bit of drama too, what more could I have asked for?! I just adored these two. Fans of contemporary romances with a little bit of a mystery to it too, will devour this one and I can’t wait for the next installment, Hard Sell to come out now too. It’s Matt and Sabrina’s story. Yes please!





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18 Responses to “Review for Hot Asset (21 Wall Street #1) by Lauren Layne”

  1. Heidi

    I loved the last two books I read by this author. This one sounds wonderful as well. Adding to the toppling pile.

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    A new series from LL? Count me in! This sounds like it has so much going for it. I love great banter (LL is so good at that) and I already like the sound of both main characters. Great review, Jenea!

  3. Debbie Haupt

    She’s a new to me author Jenea but it looks like a one sitting read for me. Glad you enjoyed it and I bet there wasn’t one dead body LOL 😉

  4. Lover Of Romance

    I really want to grab this one up. I have read this author years ago, but it was a novella and I have been meaning to read more of her work since so many rave about her. But your review makes me want to go on over to Amazon and one click this baby hehe

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