May 24 2018

Mini Review for Dead Girls by Graeme Cameron

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Mini Review for Dead Girls by Graeme CameronDead Girls by Graeme Cameron
Published by Park Row on June 1st 2018
Genres: Adult, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 400
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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I may not remember everything, but I know he won’t hurt anyone else.

I won’t let him.

It’s been two months since a serial killer brutally attacked police detective Alisha Green and left her for dead. Two months since she could effortlessly recall simple things, since her mind felt remotely sound. The nameless killer thinks he knows her, thinks she’s just another dead girl among many. Ali Green plans to show him he’s dead wrong about that.

Ali has two enemies now: the dangerous man she’s hunting and her own failing memory. As explosive new evidence comes to light and conflicting accounts from a witness and a surviving victim threaten both her investigation and her credibility, she begins to question what is and isn’t real. And now Ali has no choice but to remember the past…before it buries her.

A hypnotically gripping thriller that proves internationally bestselling author Graeme Cameron is one of the most unique voices in contemporary fiction today.

“Chilling [and] blackly humorous…Normal marks Cameron out as one to watch.” —Daily Express, 4 stars

“Original and gripping.” —Clare Mackintosh, New York Times bestselling author, on Normal





Dead Grils follows a DCI and a new case, it was just recently that Alisha Green had been working on a case that nearly killed her. But now back on the job, she is investigating a serial killer, who is brutal.

While still dealing with the events of a previous case and the emotional trauma it caused, Alish finds her self on case that will be just as dangerous at the last one she worked on. We are introduced to quite a few characters/narrators at the beginning, and I did have a little bit of an issues figuring out who was who and what part they played. Once I did I was able to enjoy this a bit more and follow along as DCI Green as worked the serial killer case.

The story reveals secrets, clues and so many possible suspects and the investigation was full of suspense full moments and mystery was handle very well, keeping me guessing up till the end, which was pretty great by the way. And I was please to see the determination of Ali to get it all figure out before it was too late for another woman.

Overall, this was a great psycholicgal thriller and this is an author that I will certainly be on the look out for more from.





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Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

21 Responses to “Mini Review for Dead Girls by Graeme Cameron”

  1. verushka

    You need to check out his first book — Normal, J! It’s about a serial killer who thinks he’s normal, and wants to fall in love and…. it’s such a good read, and I found myself actually sympathising with the MC. It’s why i’ve been sooo wanting this one, and am thrilled you thought it good enough for four stars!

  2. Sophia Rose

    Oh this one sounds chilling, but then most psychological thrillers are. I haven’t read one for a while. I’ll have to check out this series.

  3. Lauren

    I haven’t heard of this series before, but it sounds like my kind of read! I’m glad to hear it kept you guessing until the end. That’s always something I look for in my mystery reads. Great review!

  4. Debbie Haupt

    You know I still have his last book sitting on my shelf, Normal, the premise is intense and I have not yet been in the frame of mind to read it. But I will add this one to the list

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