May 31 2018

Mini Review for All That’s Left of Me: A Novel by Janis Thomas

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Mini Review for All That’s Left of Me: A Novel by Janis ThomasAll That's Left of Me: A Novel by Janis Thomas
on June 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Magical Realism, Domestic Life
Pages: 335
Format: Kindle
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I wish…

It starts with a simple wish, and Emma Davies hardly notices when it comes true. She’s too preoccupied with a life she isn’t happy in—the spark in her marriage has fizzled, her career is headed nowhere and her boss is a misogynist. Her teenage daughter has grown distant, and her heart breaks daily for her teenage son with cerebral palsy. But soon Emma discovers her wishes are coming true, and she realizes that she has been given the power to change her life. Either that, or she’s going insane.

Emma begins testing her newfound gift, making calculated wishes and learning one important rule—once granted, they cannot be undone. Over time, she grows bolder as she builds up to the one wish she both fears and desperately longs to make. But when Emma finally gets everything she’s asked for, will it be worth the price?




All That’s Left of Me had such an intriguing concept. Having your wishes come true, sounds great right? Sadly, this was a little bit of a miss for me. But, lets get on with what exactly it’s about.

Emma Davis goes into a antique shop and find a beautiful lioness pendant and falls in love with it. Little did she know that the woman who sold her the pendant knew what it could do. The wishes you say out loud, come true. And with some pretty serious consequences. Her husband is distant, her daughter is just about the same and she has a son who in a wheel chair suffering from cerebral palsy. When the first wish came true, she believes it was just coincidence. Not so much when the second does too, now she thinks she losing her mind. But what does she do, she makes anther wish taking her down a path that is hard to come back from.

Character wise, I just adore Emma’s son and even her daughter. She’s just a typical teenage girl, with the teenage attitude. But as for Emma, I had a hard time with her. Her decision to keep wishing. And an event that happened to her got swept under the rug, and it just really bothered me. Her character wasn’t all that redeemable to me and the sat thing I did want to like her. The ending of this was okay, but I was wanting a little more and it seemed to be rushed.

While this wasn’t a great read for me, the concept was interesting but didn’t work for in the end. I know that some readers will enjoy this, so all I can say it give it a try. You never know.





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Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

15 Responses to “Mini Review for All That’s Left of Me: A Novel by Janis Thomas”

  1. Lorna

    You’re right, the concept is very intriguing. It sounds like she just got greedy. I think I’ll pass on this one. Thanks!

  2. Angela

    This does sound like an interesting concept. I read a book earlier this year that also dealt with wishes, and it kind of makes you think what you would wish for but also wondering what the ultimate consequences would be. I’m sorry this didn’t work for you!

  3. Debbie Haupt - The Reading Frenzy

    It really is an intriguing premise but I find that magical realism is one of those genres that are a crap shoot. Too often either the realism or the magic loses something, and you’re also right that others might like it better. thanks Jenea

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