Jun 08 2018

Review for The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash

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Review for The Paris Wedding by Charlotte NashThe Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks on June 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 336
Format: Kindle
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In Australian bestselling author Charlotte Nash's U.S. debut, a young woman attends her ex-boyfriend's Paris wedding and discovers more than she ever dreamed in the ultimate city of love.

Imagine you are invited to Paris, the City of Love, to witness the wedding of your first love to a woman you’ve never met. Would you go?

It’s been ages since Rachael West has seen the man she once believed she couldn’t live without. Receiving his wedding invitation was bittersweet—she was oddly touched he’s asked her, but knows that facing him on this day would be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

But her friends and family convince her to attend. After all, it’s an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris! Surely she can get through that one day, and discover all the delights of that magical city the remainder of the time.

So Rachael leaves her small town, setting off for the City of Lights with her best friend, two feuding neighbors, and a suitcase full of home-sewn couture in tow. She’s determined to let Paris work its magic—and it does by way of a handsome photojournalist. And before her adventure is over, Rachael will be faced with yet another choice. But this time, hers isn’t the only happiness at risk . . . .





The Paris Wedding is about Rachel West, who in th beginning of the book was a young girl. She had a lot going on at the age of 18, he mother had been diagnosed with MS, she’s in love with a boy named Matthew and he decides to move away. Now as an adult, she questions some of the decisions she had made over the years. Funny how we look back and think we might of doesn’t higns different, but would we really? Would we be where we are today and be happy? That is what type of story this takes us through.

Rachel chose to care for her mother instead going with Matthew, her love to Sydney. He was the mans she thought she would marry andlive happily together. 10 years later, he is getting married and has invited her to come to the wedding. Not sure if I’d be able to go and watch the man, I wanted to spend my life with marry someone else. But, Rachel in fact goes…

Rachel’s Mother has passed, and as someone who cared and lost parents to terminal illnesses, I could easily relate to Rachel and her pain and anguish. She feels disappointed that they life she had stayed still while everyone around her just moved on. She feels she missed so much, but she also feels guilty for feeling that way and just loved Rachel and her caring spirit. Even after her Mother’s passing.

The other characters that were in Rachels life such as Sammy, her best friend and even Bonnie, “the other woman” who is marrying Matt were such a great addition. And of course I have to mention the seetting in Paris. Nash did such an amazing job capturing it, and makes me want to visit there even more than I already did.

The ever present pain of the loss combined with the regrets and surfacing feelings she thought made for some emotional moments. There is a gorgeous photographer that catches her eye while all of this is going on. Loved Him! The ending was so what I was hoping for and no, I will not be giving anything away as to the “who” was part of the happy ending.

This was such a wonderful story of love of family, love of a love lost. But also such an inspirational story of Rachel picking up the pieces of the life you were dealt and moving on to bigger and better things. I simply can’t recommend this enough.





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  1. Angela

    You had me at “Paris” and “wedding” – that’s pretty much all I need to add a book to my TBR! So glad this was such a lovely story for you, I will have to check it out!

  2. Lorna

    This sounds really good and I went looking on Net Galley and it’s been archived. Darn! I will add it to my wish list. Thank you!

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