Jun 18 2018

Review for When We Found Home by Susan Mallery

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Review for When We Found Home by Susan MalleryWhen We Found Home by Susan Mallery
Published by Harlequin Books on July 10th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 417
Format: Kindle
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Life is meant to be savored, but that's not easy with no family, limited prospects and a past you'd rather not talk about. Still, Callie Smith doesn't know how to feel when she discovers she has a brother and a sister--Malcolm, who grew up with affection, wealth and privilege, and Keira, a streetwise twelve-year-old.

Callie doesn't love being alone, but at least it's safe. Despite her trepidation, she moves into the grand family home with her siblings and grandfather on the shores of Lake Washington, hoping just maybe this will be the start of a whole new life.

But starting over can be messy. Callie and Keira fit in with each other, but not with their posh new lifestyle, leaving Malcolm feeling like the odd man out in his own home. He was clever enough to turn a sleepy Seattle mail-order food catalog into an online gourmet powerhouse, yet he can't figure out how to help his new sisters feel secure. Becoming a family will take patience, humor, a little bit of wine and a whole lot of love.

But love isn't Malcolm's strong suit... until a beautiful barista teaches him that an open heart, like the family table, can always make room for more.

In this emotional, funny and heartfelt story, Susan Mallery masterfully explores the definition of a modern family--blended by surprise, not by choice--and how those complicated relationships can add unexpected richness to life.




When We Found Home takes us through the emotional story of three siblings. They never know the other existed, but are brought together at the request of their Grandfather.

After the death of Alberto Carlesso’s son he learns that he two other children out there somewhere. Of course Alberto stars searching for them, he first finds Keira, a 12 years old, who hasn’t had the best life. Callie, the other granddaughter Callie hasn’t had it much better. Keira and Callie hit if off right away, but Malcolm not so much.

Malcolm was a stoic man, all business. That is until he meets Delaney, who happens to be the barista that he sees as his normal daily visit to the coffee shop. I think she might exactly what he needs too. She’s just as intrigued by him as he is of her.

Now as for the younger sister, Keira, she is a spunky kid and I just adored her, and I felt bad for her when it came to her and Malcolm. She’s just a kid and Malcolm has no idea how to be around her or even talk to her. I have to admit, I really enjoyed Callie, she grown and been through hell and back. Trust is an issues for her. She isn’t used the luxurious life that Macolm has grown up in. They butt heads a lot, but what sibling don’t. Mine sure do.

There is a lot of little stories from all three of the sliblings, and the company that the Carlesso family owns. A little bit of romance was in the air too. I enjoyed the growth this family went through, it was always easy but it was so sweet and inspiring at the same time. I just kept rooting for them all to get that happiness they so dearly deserved.

When We Found Home was such a beautiful story of family, second chances and a little bit of sweet romance.





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Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

14 Responses to “Review for When We Found Home by Susan Mallery”

  1. verushka

    I love this premise, I really do — it’s three very different people and an emotional situation that would wreck anyone! Just the way it should be lol

  2. Debbie Haupt

    Oh I have this on my shelf and your review just made it climb up a few rungs on the ladder 😉

  3. Angela

    This sounds like a lovely story. I love that the girls are able to become so close, so fast. I’m glad that they had each other while figuring everything else out.

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