Aug 20 2018

Review for A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux

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Review for A Willing Murder by Jude DeverauxA Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux
Published by Mira Books on September 18th 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Amateur Sleuths
Pages: 336
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
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New York Times
bestselling romance author Jude Deveraux makes her debut in the world of mystery with a story of old secrets, deadly grudges and an improbable group of friends who are determined to uncover the truth regardless of the consequences...

Sara Medlar is a household name in romance, with millions of books sold. But lately, retirement has been boring her and she's found herself back in her hometown of Lachlan, Florida, remodeling the grand old mansion she'd admired as a child. It's much too big for her alone, but she'd die before letting anyone in town know that.Then Sara's niece Kate is offered a job in Lachlan--a start in what could be a very successful career in real estate. She accepts immediately, but with so little saved up, she'll have to approach her estranged yet incredibly famous aunt for a place to stay while she gets herself settled. But when she arrives at Sara's home, she finds she's not the only long-term houseguest. Jackson Wyatt already has his own room, and though it's impossible to deny his good looks and charm--he's clearly got her aunt wrapped around his finger--she's also never met anyone who irritates her quite like Jack does.However, when two skeletons are accidentally uncovered in the quiet town, this unlikely trio is suddenly thrust together by a common goal: to solve a mystery everyone else seems eager to keep under wraps. United by a sense of justice and the desire to right old wrongs, Sara, Kate and Jack will have to dig into Lachlan's murky past to unravel the small town's dark secrets and work to bring the awful truth to light.




A Willing Murder is the first book I’ve read from Deveraux, and when I finished I was happy that I gave this little murder mystery a try.

The story stars shortly after Kate Medlar moves herself to a little town in Florida with her very reclusive and mysterious Aunt. Sara is an author, and wants to keep to her self, that is until she receives a second house guest, Kate. This little town if Lachlan has some secrets that it would like to keep buried.

Kate is a real estate agent and has big hopes of making her a good career in this little town. I have to say, that I really enjoyed Kate. She is a woman who doesn’t hold back and is quite sassy and very determined. When she first meets her Aunts other houseguest, she doesn’t like him at all. In fact, he just rubs her the wrong way. But after the discovery of a set of bones found on a property that Jackson owns, these three amateur sleuths set out to find out what happened and who they are.

Kate, Sara and Jackson find themselves in some sticky situation, and it was clear who ever murdered these two was willing to do just about anything to prevent the truth from coming out. There was plenty of creepy and dangerous situations that the trio didn’t bargained for. I enjoyed following the clues that were sprinkled from start to finish. But while I was on the right track to figuring out who the murderer was, Deveraux threw a monkey wrench in my path and it ended up being a little different than I expected, but man was it good!

Overall this was a great read. It had some great characters too, one you love and ones you love to hate too. I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Jackson with their slow building friendship turn slow burning romance. It was a nice little addition to the story. But at the heart of this was the murder mystery. And if you enjoy unraveling clues and a little bit of romance along the way, this would be a great one to pick up.





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16 Responses to “Review for A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux”

  1. verushka

    On first glance, this sounded so utterly charming, but I’m impressed the author threw monkey wrenches into your expectations!

  2. Deborah Haupt

    Yeah I had to do a double take when I saw her name associated wth mystery. Great review. I’m not a fan of her romance but I may take a stab (pun intended) 🙂 with this.

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