Sep 09 2018

Review for The Goodnight Song (Detective Rhodes and Radley #2) by Nick Hollin

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Review for The Goodnight Song (Detective Rhodes and Radley #2) by Nick HollinThe Goodnight Song (Detective Rhodes and Radley #2) by Nick Hollin
Published by Bookouture on September 17th 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Police Procedurals, Thriller
Pages: 281
Format: Kindle
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What would you do if someone used your deepest secrets to commit the darkest crimes?

When the cold, lifeless body of a policeman is pulled from the Thames in the early hours of the morning, it appears at first glance to be a terrible accident.

But when old diary pages predicting the exact details of the crime start appearing online, ex-criminal psychologist and owner of the diary, Nathan Radley, becomes the number one suspect in the most terrifying murder investigation the London police has ever seen.

Nathan’s partner, Detective Katie Rhodes knows that he is innocent, because she was with him the night of the attack. But as more extracts are posted, and more bodies begin to surface, how much longer can she ignore the connection?

The trail leads Katie from one dead end to another, until a tiny clue buried deep within the pages leads them to a new suspect; someone dangerous, someone close, someone they trusted…




The Goodnight Song picks up shortly after the big case was solved by Detective Katie Rhodes and Nathan Radley. It was a case where they left them broken, physically scarred and trying to recover. But after the murder of their mentor, they have no choice but to come out of hiding to work the case and to clear their name as suspects.

The story is told in alternating POV’sfrom Kaite, Nathan and a mysterious crime blogger who seems to know a lot about Katie and Nathan. This mystery blogger inserts himself into the big case, with snippets from a diary that no one should be privy to. I enjoyed the story being told in the alternating POV’s. It was a fantastic way to see both of the main characters and their thoughts and feelings and fears as well.

The story is full of little clues, some that make you think you have all figured out and the more clues appear and you the reader will have to change your whole way of thinking. during the course of the investigation it got pretty intense and down right scary when it came to the gruesome murders. But trying to piece it all together with Katie and Nathan will definitely keep you on your toes. Especially towards the end.

The pacing was great and from the murders to all the clues, I did find my self questioning it all. And that was right up till the big reveal at the end. This was such a great addition to Dark Lies too. I am curious to see what big case that Katie and Nathan will find themselves in the middle of next. I think that fans of psychological thriller will enjoy this one, I certainly did.




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  1. Deborah Haupt

    Dark and Delicious just like I like my cop stories and its set in Merry Olde England Yes Please!! Thanks Jenea looks fab

  2. Daniela Ark

    I didn’t use to but now I’m kinda of liking stories with multiple POVs Glad to hear the pacing was great! That’s a must for me especially with crime genre since i don’t usually read it !

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