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What can I tell you about myself…. Well, in the past year I have dyed my hair pretty much every color of the rainbow, finally gave in on playing Minecraft with my kids (which is Amazing) and celebrated 18 years of marriage. Oh, and got a new puppy, which now makes 4 dogs at my house. My house is pretty much a zoo most of the time. I had a blog (Books Live Forever), a couple of years ago, but had some health issues and now that now everything is all cleared up and back to normal I am trying this again. I love to read and always have since I was a little girl. My poor family probably gets tired of hearing about the books I read and the constant book hoarding. So I will just tell other people then. 🙂 Especially if I Loved the book. Sadly there are times that I don’t though, (wipes tear). But I will tell you about them too. I enjoy reading the comments and meeting new people and trying new genres which I am going to be doing this time. So this will definitely be interesting and a learning experience for me. I hope you find something new and exciting here.


Have Fun!!!

Jenea @ Jenea's Book Obsession

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